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The amazing part is that these pores are actually 20, times smaller than a water droplet, but times larger that a water vapor molecule.

Other outdoor sports. Camping and fishing are two of the most popular outdoor activities, but they're nowhere near exhaustive when it comes to all the fun you can have with outside sports. Winter sports The two most popular winter sports are skiing and snowboarding.
Outdoor Gear for All Your Adventures Spend more time outdoors. Biking, hiking, camping and everything in between—no matter your adventure, relish it with high .
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1*Jacket Disclaimer: About Size:Size may be 3cm/ inch inaccuracy due to hand measurements are meant as a guide to help you select the correct size. Please take your own measurements and choose your size c annot .
Find your adidas Sport Outdoor Jackets at All styles and colors available in the official adidas online store.

Other outdoor sports. Camping and fishing are two of the most popular outdoor activities, but they're nowhere near exhaustive when it comes to all the fun you can have with outside sports. Winter sports The two most popular winter sports are skiing and snowboarding.

Some outdoor sports, like climbing, only require a few items for you to grab before you begin partaking in them, while others, such as fishing or snow skiing, require some supplies for success. Whatever your outdoor passion is, you can find the item you need to enjoy yourself to the fullest. Save money at the same time by taking advantage of our Every Day Low Prices. To have a successful camping trip, there are certain pieces of equipment that are must-have items, and these include tents , sleeping bags , cooking equipment, lights, coolers and emergency preparedness items you'll want to pick up.

Depending on how many people are camping, you can choose tents that sleep one to two people or ones that sleep seven or more people. Many of these tents only have an entrance and space to sleep on the ground, while some of the larger tents have enough room for you to stand up inside and even use cots instead of sleeping on the ground, sleeping bags keep you warm on cold nights especially if there's no fire and you're sleeping on the ground.

Many have extra padding for comfort and zip up completely to keep you pest-free as you sleep. For overnight trips or longer, you definitely want to have a cooler or two for cold beverages and to keep fish fresh if fishing was on your agenda.

Whether you're eating what you brought or what you caught, some staples for camping cooking equipment include a portable gas or charcoal grill, cookware like cast-iron skillets or Dutch ovens and utensils like tongs and spatulas.

You'll also want things to eat on and with, and you can buy camping dish packs or paper and plastic items that are biodegradable and easy to pack home with you. The most important emergency preparedness items you can have on hand include a flashlight or lantern, first aid kit and some basic tools, including a knife or multitool. If you're using live or cut bait, all you really need to go fishing is a rod and reel, some fishing line, some hooks and some weights and bobbers.

Otherwise, you can get even more detailed and load up a tackle box with artificial baits, lures, spoons and attractants to bring in those fish. Rods vary in lengths; shorter rods are better for boat and pier fishing, and long poles are better suited for surf fishing. You can choose from spincast reels, which are basic reels for beginners; spinning reels, which are common for most kinds of fishing; and baitcasting reels, which are more advanced reels that work for bigger game fish. If you're doing your fishing on a party boat or other offshore vehicle and you're trolling for fish, a trolling reel is your best option.

Fishing line is differentiated by type and the weight of fish it can hold. Monofilament line is the most common fishing line; it's made of nylon and has a single strand. Braided fishing line is similar to monofilament line, only it has two lines that are braided together to create more strength. Before any new Gore-Tex garment style is put into production it must pass the Gore lab style approval testing. This sophisticated outerwear testing facility is designed to simulate a variety of rain conditions.

Using specially engineered rain nozzles strategically positioned in the chamber, we are able to test a garment's waterproof design in conditions that range from light drizzle to wind-driven rain. Then in the Martindale Test, wool or sandpaper is used to rub the fabric over and over again with considerable pressure.

Depending on how tough the fabric needs to be, this vigorous rubbing can continue non-stop for hours … or even days. The fabrics must survive this punishing test and emerge still durably waterproof. If the jacket meets all qualifications, Gore gives the go-ahead for production. This incredibly costly and time consuming system has a dramatic end result for the consumer: On top of all that, all Gore-Tex products come with an unconditional lifetime guarantee.

No other waterproof breathable manufacturer offers the same warranty. Down is an amazing insulator. You simply cannot get a warmer insulator that packs well, keeps the weight low, and has tremendous longevity. Whether used in outerwear, sleeping bags, or bedding, down is the best at keeping you warm. When talking about down one of the most important factors to consider is fill power, and fill power is the most commonly misunderstood purchase decision factor.

Usually the manufacturer will advertise a "fill power" of , , , etc. Fill power is the measurement of loft that down provides.

So, the numbers that manufacturers use are a reference to the quality of the down insulation used. Fill power is measured by volume; the amount of cubic inches one ounce of down occupies when compressed will determine the rating of the garment.

One ounce of down is placed in a graduated cylinder, then a weighted disk is placed on top of the down. Once the disk settles, the compressed volume, measured in cubic inches, is the fill power.

For example, one ounce of fill power down will occupy cubic inches when compressed. Higher fill down is higher quality because it is loftier.

A fill of down will be warmer for its weight than fill down. If two jackets have the same amount of down, but one has a higher fill power, such as versus , the jacket with fill down will be loftier, and thus warmer. That is why high-end light down jackets usually have higher fill power down, it allows the jacket to be very warm but very light. A common misconception is that a jacket with a high fill power number is, therefore, warmer than a jacket with a lower fill power, which comes down to the fill weight as well as the fill power.

When comparing down jackets, the jacket with the most loft is going to be the warmest regardless of fill power. Summer is finally here, bringing with it lots of bright sunny days and a new range of outdoor activities.

While protecting your skin from the sun is a no-brainer, protecting your eyes should be too. Sunglasses are a valuable piece of safety gear during any outdoor activity. They protect your eyes from dirt, dust, bugs, and most importantly, the harmful rays of the sun, which can cause cataracts and other problems with your eyes.

The heat of the sun can also dry your eyes out, causing eye fatigue. Not only will sunglasses help you see better to perform your best, but they can help you stay alert and active longer.

We can help you ensure that your eyes remain protected in style, with sunglasses from Smith, Zeal, Maui Jim, Oakley, and Costa.

While the first three are old favorites, Costa is a new brand for us, and we're incredibly excited about their polarized lenses and impressive styles. They obstruct yellow light to enhance color and block blue light to reduce haze and blur, giving you the best possible view from within your frame. Here are some of our favorite models of sunglasses, with the main features that make them best suited for each outdoor activity you love. Costa Cut P in blackout with blue mirror lenses When spending a day standing on your board and paddling, you want a pair of glasses that won't weigh you down.

Costa's Cut P is made from nylon, a material that is virtually unbreakable, lighter weight than glass and won't fog. The frame has a slight curve to it, blocking the side of your eye from the reflecting sun in any direction your paddling. These sunglasses were designed with watersports in mind. Maui Jim Ho'okipa in tortoise rose While kayaking your sight line is expanded over miles of open water and visible sky.

The Maui Jim Ho'okipa creates a clear plane of vision, with durable plastic lenses, which offer a higher level of clarity and are resistant to scratches. Their lightweight design and behind-ear grippers will make these a game-changing no-brainer for all your water adventures.

Smith Pivlock Arena in squall with Chromapop sun lenses Smith Pivlock Arena in squall with Chromapop sun lenses These toric curved frames provide large coverage and a medium fit. Not only do you have sun protection from all angles during your run, but their carbonic TLT Chromapop sun lens material provides a featherlight and durable lens while filtering and correcting the light to keep you concentrated on your goals and not the sun.

Oakley Holbrook in black with Prizm Ruby lens Oakley's Holbrook is ultra-light and ultra-functionable. Its Prizm lens technology provides control of light resulting in colors precisely tuned to maximize contrast and enhance visibility.

This means your hikes will be more comfortable and more beautiful. Smith Pivlock Arena Max in reactor green with purple Sol-X lens Smith created these lenses with athletes in mind--they are made to fit the face snugly to prevent slipping in the most extreme conditions. A two-position adjustable nosepiece made of Hydrophilic Megol keeps them in place with no distractions.

Biking with wrap around frames is important, so your peripheral vision isn't obstructed. The Smith Pivlock has frames set farther back on your temple for better visibility of other riders and oncoming traffic. The wrap around lenses also help to block wind from your eyes and prevent fogging of the lens. The lenses have a gray base, which keeps colors from being altered, with a red mirrored layer that fights glare. They come with two sets of lenses for varying light conditions.

Smith Snare in matte tortoise with brown These sunglasses are both fashionable and functional. They use Smith's Evolve eco-built construction, carbonic lenses, and megol nose pads combined with classic and timeless minimalism to bring forth a utilitarian's fashion piece.

Zeal Windsor in matte tortoise with copper lens These sunglasses have a fun classic look, great for men and women. The copper elume lenses enhance contrast and depth perception in a wide array of light conditions while making greens, reds, and blues more vivid. The frames are made of plant-based material, so you know they're meant for those who appreciate nature. Smith Langly in gold with blue Sol-X lenses These Smith 'aviator' style frames give off that classic beachy vibe, and the polarized Sol-X lenses will keep your eyes comfortable even in the hottest and brightest of beach days.

The wire frames are light and durable, and the gold colorway is summery as can be. Assorted Brands and Styles We have sunglasses of all styles for little adventurers, from aviators, knock arounds, wayfarer-style, and more. Many of them are polarized and will help protect their eyes from the sun and keep them seeing their adventures clearly far into the future. Rising temperatures mean spending as much time as possible outside, but as always, no spring season is complete without its fair share of rainy days!

We aren't going to let a little rain stop us from having fun outside, so having the right raincoat is key. We carry a wide variety of rain jackets, and it can be daunting to decide which one is right for you. With a wide range of prices, technology, and features, we've broken it down by what you'll be doing the most in the rain, and which raincoats will compliment your wet weather activities. A super light jacket that you can carry with you anywhere is key; if the skies stay clear, it's not weighing you down, but it's right there when the rain starts falling.

When you have to walk the dog in a downpour or run errands on a super wet day, it's important to have a highly waterproof layer that is up for any conditions you might encounter.

The Precip from Marmot is an excellent do-all jacket, with a storm flap over the zipper and armpit zips to give you extra ventilation.

A lighter, more durable option is the Fuse Form Dot Matrix from the North Face, which uses a new way of fusing different fabrics without seams to make them even more water-tight. Maintaining a professional look with a raincoat on can be tough, so we recommend opting for a jacket that has a longer length, to appear more clean-cut and offer additional protection. The Codetta Coat from Arc'teryx has an above-average center back length of 32 inches and comes in neutral colors.

When you are heading out on a long-term camping trip or backpacking adventure, you'll need a coat that is not only highly waterproof but offers above-average ease of motion. The Beta LT from Arc'teryx is a Goretex Pro shell so breathable that you don't even need pit zips, and articulated elbows keep the fabric from bunching up. Every kid needs a good, protective rain coat so they can continue enjoying their time outside all throughout the rainy season.

Our area is filled with great places to enjoy the outdoors with your dog.. We've compiled a list of local parks, trails and beaches that are animal-friendly to go explore!

Online shopping from a great selection at Sports & Outdoors Store. 1*Jacket Disclaimer: About Size:Size may be 3cm/ inch inaccuracy due to hand measurements are meant as a guide to help you select the correct size. Please take your own measurements and choose your size c annot . Outdoor gear and clothing from big brands to the small and undiscovered. Find everything you need for your next adventure at Backcountry.