How to Wear and What to Wear with Long Skirts

Yara Shahidi makes the statement skirt shine, in plaid and ruffles paired with a simple white poplin top and nude sandals.

Defining my waist twice in slightly different places looks weird to me. Now I realize that not only can you be petite and wear maxi skirts they actually can make you look taller if styled correctly , but I know that anyone, no matter what shape or size, can wear them and look good. Wear layer to cover the area.

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Product Features design, v neck lace up crop top and skirt set, make you more sexy and.
Vintage Fashion with a French Riviera feel. Long skirts and simple tops create a timeless, chic look. Find this Pin and more on Outfits I love by Rebecca Saldanha. I ️ this Vintage Fashion with a French Riviera stripe top and red flowing skirt. Look forward to being skinny again & wear this outfit.
Cotton maxi skirt, tank top, long necklace, and a casual hat. I prefer long skirts to short when I'm trying to dress casual. And this outfit looks like something I'd wear anywhere. Minus the hat. Maxi skirts are excellent for people who wish to truly feel girly but not overly dressy. They are so fun and casual.
Product Features skirts work great because you could just fold the top over.

Yara Shahidi makes the statement skirt shine, in plaid and ruffles paired with a simple white poplin top and nude sandals.

I own a grand total of 2… my denim straight skirt which is fairly versatile and a pleated summery skirt that I picked up for under 10 bucks at Ross. Angie, what a timely post and so very helpful. I still struggle placing the belt at the right spot, I tend to wear them lower than I think I should because of my short waist issue. When the weather cools down, I will have to experiment with the cardigan options. Something to look forward to in the fall.

Thanks so much for this concise review! I definitely have orphaned skirts! I am going to go home and work these suggestions because I really want to wear the skirts I have.

Thanks for your brilliance. I will always try to hear your voice when shopping for skirts from now on. I only tuck tops into skirts. Now belted tunics are a different story. Angie, do you think a nice tee with a casual summer skirt would work as a replacement for a casual summer dress?

Yesterday I tried on four different tops with a full white skirt before I just gave up and went with a dress. Thanks for the reminder about the belts.

I have a question, please! Defining my waist twice in slightly different places looks weird to me. Thanks for reiterating this tips Angie. Thanks to you and YLF, I have learned and practiced 1,2,3 and 5. In fact, sometimes I can create different looks with the same top using points 1,2,3 and 5.

I will give that a go that sometime this week. If I try to take in the waist, the skirt becomes a tad too short. I have noticed on sites such as Anthropologie, they have many dresses that LOOK like just a tank top tucked and belted with a print skirt! How much versatile woudl they be if they WERE skirts and you could pull out the various colors in the print for other tops.

ALso there would not be all the fit issues I have experienced and have read about in the reviews. One could get styling tips from there as they have many dresses that look like skirts and tops. In my case it is all relative as depending on what i have on or want to wear I have to look at each body are in relation to the rest. Oddly enough, I have summer skirt orphans but no winter skirt orphans. Whenever I try an a-line skirt I feel completely lost! Using this method, which I pinched from yours truly I have been able to adjust the length of the shirt to suit many of my skirts, pencil, a-line and even tulip.

Thanks for these great ideas! I have a lot of clothes that I have had for many many years, but I still love them and try to wear them all. My closet is heavy on skirts, both short and long. Today I selected a knee-length full skirt in chocolate, an off-white sleveless tank, a loose floral printed blouse, thick woven western-belt, chunky turquoise heart pendant and pretty, flirty high heels.

I could have improved on it by tucking in the tank, as you suggested, and perhaps taking a little more care with my jewelry selection, but overall, this skirt and blouse that I have never before worn together, was a good look. It can get confusing and overwhelming pairing skirts up with the right top and layers do really help.!!!

I am sure you have just saved many skirts from total abandonment! You are my hero! One more idea to add, I tried tucking the hem of a fairly thin, fitted tee shirt up under itself to shorten the length. It looks good and has stayed put. I just put all my skirts except for one dressy pencil skirt and one denim pencil skirt in the donate pile.

My new wardrobe resolution is to never buy a skirt without buying a top that works with it at the same time. Other than a denim skirt. As a rectangle, I have found it can be flattering to wear a skirt and blouse of some type, with a belt under an open cardigan.

The belt under the cardigan or outer layer gives a stronger illusion of a waist. Hopefully this is helpful to someone else! What an easy tip to make things fresh. Lisa, no heels required with skirts. I wear skirts with flats, but the right length for your leg line is important. I love, LOVE skirts!! I just counted, I have about 15 of them, just for summer! Though most are bought individually without a top, they work together pretty good with the tops in the closet. Do you do contrasting color?

One thing I want is how to pair them a bit differently, than just one top matching with one skirt…. Angie, thanks for these guidelines. I also find the footwear pairings tricky, especially when they have to be office-appropriate. I am so glad I basically follow all rules you posted. What an amazing article, choke full of great advice. Refresh your memory on how to match them with the right top.

Thank you for the wonderful advice. I hate trying to find tops that match the skirts I love. Also I really enjoy how skirts come in all different lengths as well as fabrics. Skirts can range from a formal or buisness attire like skirt to a skirt that you can wear down to the beach. I go on a sale day. So I chose three colors combination instead of two, or paired the tribal skirt with flats in leopard print. Lace Pink Pencil Skirt Lastly is your pink lace skirt, because it has a full length gold zip at the back, I paired the skirt with a simple top with metallic details, or added the entire outfit with one spot of gold jewelry.

Please take a look at the gallery of this article to see the outfits I suggested you. I buy from Style J and have never been disappointed. Their sizes run European so a 30 is about a 10 and a 32 is about a I get a They have skirts for winter, office, and denim. Some have a little stretch, others do not, the quality is fantastic. For crinkle skirts with lots of color and style, I buy from the Southwestern Indian Foundation and I am very pleased with their skirts also. I pair my casual winter skirts with flats, sneakers, or comfy Baretrap boots.

I use tights in various colors, toe socks or wool boot socks, and no show socks also. In summer, I do wear sandals on occasion.

I truly love wearing skirts much more so than jeans, so I have a wardrobe of casual and not quite so casual, but truly most of my skirts could be paired with a blouse to swing both ways. Hi, I was wondering , would be okay to wear a black chiffon maxi skirt to a wedding, as a guest? And if so, could you please suggest some shirts that might go well with it?

You probably should ask the host if they have certain dress code for the guests. Just keep in mind that you should add colors, or prints, or sparkles to give a festive look.

Opt for a dressy top with colorful prints, or bright shades, or interesting details and neckline to make the look more formal and brighter. Depending on your personal taste, you can either pair your chiffon skirt with prints or solid color, you can go bold or subtle. Good job on your article.

My big problem is how do I look nice or good in a long skirt? Hope u can help me out. Generally, if you want to hide the stomach area, some key shapes to remember are: Choose empire and A-line long skirts 2. Soft draping and pleating with vertical seams will glide over your tummy area rather than clinging to it.

Avoid defined waistlines, so either to choose skirt with skinny waistband, you could also opt for skinny belt or belt with same color to the skirt. Wear layer to cover the area. Maxi skirt during the day, cute dress by night. Wearing a cozy sweater with a feminine maxi skirt looks so good for fall or winter. Try one of these easy styles. My favorite is the blazer — it makes your look more professional and streamlined.

Go for a tough but girly look by pairing a pink maxi with combat boots and a leather jacket. Pairing a simple maxi skirt with a long sleeved shirt and a scarf is great for fall or winter. Which of these looks is your favorite? Do you have a maxi skirt? How do you wear it? What other style tips do you want to see? Tell me in the comments! Follow Gurl, pretty please! A fantastic article with some great tips — thank you! My favourite looks here are 4, 8, 17 and Trying to sort through my closet now to find something to wear with mine.

I am not fashionable! My favorite look is the one with the yellow skirt! I also wrote an article on how to wear the long skirt in winter if you guys wanna check it out http:

Being an incredibly practical and comfortable fashion staple, long skirts, or mostly called maxi-skirts, are super chic and flattering, perfect for almost any occasion depending on its designs, details and styles, both for day-to-day wearing if paired with basic and neutral pieces, and for night outfit if matched with more sophisticated and elegant accessories and blouses. Product Features skirts work great because you could just fold the top over. Find tops for long skirt at ShopStyle. Shop the latest collection of tops for long skirt from the most popular stores - all in one place.