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In almshouse, hospital, and jail, in misery's every refuge, where vain man in his little brief authority had not made fast the door, and barred the Spirit out, he left his blessing, and taught Scrooge his precepts. Here's your fashion history lesson for the day I think I just found her!!! Previously Owned by Melanie Griffith!

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Fort Dodge Times Dec, 23, Returned. Sheriff Walz, has returned from a flying trip to Missouri, whither he went in search of a friend of Dr. Olney.

The name "denim" derives from French serge de Nîmes , meaning ' serge from Nîmes '. Denim was traditionally colored blue with indigo dye to make blue jeans , although "jean" formerly denoted a different, lighter, cotton fabric. The contemporary use of the word "jeans" comes from the French word for Genoa , Italy Gênes , [5]. Denim has been used in the United States since the mid 19th century. Davis , a tailor from Nevada, manufactured the first pair of rivet-reinforced denim pants.

At this time, clothes for Western labourers, such as teamsters, surveyors, and miners, were not very durable. His concept for making reinforced jeans was inspired when a female customer requested a pair of durable and strong pants for her husband to chop wood. When Davis was about to finish making the denim jeans, he saw some copper rivets lying on a table and used the rivets to fasten the pockets.

Soon, the popularity of denim jeans began to spread rapidly and Davis was overwhelmed with requests. He soon sold pairs to workers in need of heavy work clothing. Nevertheless, because of the production capacity in his small shop, Davis was struggling to keep up with the demand. Davis's proposal was to patent the design of the rivet-reinforced denim pant, with Davis listed as inventor, in exchange for certain rights of manufacture.

All denim goes through generally the same process to creation. Dry or raw denim contrasted with "washed denim" is denim that is not washed after having been dyed during production. Over time dry denim will fade, considered fashionable in some circumstances. During the process of wear, fading will usually occur on those parts of the article that receive the most stress.

On a pair of jeans, this includes the upper thighs, the ankles, and the areas behind the knees. After being made into an article of clothing, most denim articles are washed to make them softer and to reduce or eliminate shrinkage which could cause the article to not fit properly after its owner washes it.

This process is known as sanforization. In addition to being sanforized, "washed denim" is sometimes artificially distressed to produce a "worn" look. Much of the appeal of artificially distressed denim is that it resembles dry denim which has faded. In jeans made from dry denim, such fading is affected by the body of the person who wears them and by the activities of their daily life. This process creates what many enthusiasts feel to be a look more "natural" than artificially distressed denim.

To facilitate the natural distressing process, some wearers of dry denim will abstain from washing their jeans for more than six months. In particular, the United States, Zimbabwe and Japan are popular sources of cotton for making raw denim. Dry denim also varies in weight, typically measured by the weight of a yard of denim in ounces.

Heavier denim is much more rigid and resistant to wear, but can also take a larger number of wears to break in and feel comfortable. Patterns of fading in jeans caused by prolonged periods of wearing them without washing are a way of "personalizing" the garment. Selvedge or selvage is the edge of a fabric as it comes from the loom.

Selvedges are woven or knit so that they will not fray, ravel, or curl. Selvedge denim refers to a unique type of selvedge that is made by passing one continuous cross-yarn the weft back and forth through the vertical warp beams. This is traditionally finished at both edges with a contrasting warp most commonly red ; that is why this type of denim is sometimes referred to as "red selvedge. Shuttle looms weave a narrower inch fabric, which is on average half the width of modern shuttleless Sulzer looms.

Consequently, a longer piece of fabric is required to make a pair of jeans from selvedge denim approximately three yards. To maximize yield, most jeans are made from wide denim and have a straight outseam that utilizes the full width of the fabric, including the edges.

Selvedge denim has come to be associated with premium quality jeans, which show the finished edges from the loom rather than the overlocked edges that are shown on other jeans. Denim was originally dyed with a dye produced from the plant Indigofera tinctoria , but most denim today is dyed with synthetic indigo dye.

In both cases, the yarn undergoes a repeated sequence of dipping and oxidation — the more dips, the stronger the color of the indigo. Rope dyeing is considered the best yarn-dyeing method, as it eliminates shading across the fabric width. In rope dyeing, beaming is done twice. Denim fabric dyeing is divided into two categories: Indigo dyeing produces the traditional blue color or shades similar to it.

Sulfur dyeing produces speciality black colors and other colors, such as red, pink, purple, grey, rust, mustard, and green. Skinny jeans made from red denim. Stretch denim incorporates an elastic component , such as spandex.

This creates a certain amount of "give" in garments made from stretch denim. However, this feature will shorten the wearing life of the garment. The embroidery looks even better in person and is embellished with beads, silver old flat sequins and silver cording. Lined in the sheerest silk organza you can imagine. I probably should have shown this over a black s gown as it would have been worn, but I guess I figure if you are a vintage lover, you would know how these were worn!

I have faith in your intelligence! AND I didn't want to photograph it again. Pretty, what I call "starburst", design of gold and silver sequins and beads. Ties at the front. The Made in France label usually means that these were created on cotton netting which have held up beautifully over the years. This is one piece of a few going up soon. Black fine wool jacket trimmed in black embroidered velvet on the lapel collar and cuffs.

The jacket itself has braided soutache design down the asymmetrical buttoned front, bust around, down the sides and down the back. Excellent condition with just a bit of wear on the inside upper silk lining and the inside back of velvet collar Very Downton Abbey the early years Pair with a simple black tubular shape long skirt to create your own Edwardian suit.

If you want to go formal This one has lovely black design at the short sleeves, otherwise it's just fully covered. Meant to be worn open as you see. Shown on a 35" bust mannequin. Also Listed in the Today Section. Look at the interior photos to see the quality of the material, the seaming, and even the gold lame lining!!! I would have loved to have seen the full gown, but this is all that remains.

There is a problem at the front top waist area see photos which is torn, and there is one tiny hole at mid-back see photo. Otherwise, slight tarnishing or some gold loss to silver. Still great condition fabric to do with as you wish! Simple, basic flapper dress that will be SO comfortable to wear to your next Great Gatsby event! All you need is a slip I don't want you to get arrested for indecent exposure and blame me! Nude colored slip will look Black will just give you a solid look, red will give you that "Titanic" Rose dress look, etc.

I could go on. The 20s slips are a simple tube of fabric one side seam and then ribbons for straps. Goes on over the head.

The back has ruffles at upper back and more tiered skirt Excellent condition with just one shoulder seam a bit messy.. You can get creative, or just sew the seam neater if you care. The material is slightly stretchy so comfy! And I'm not actually sure this was a maternity gown, but it just had that look when I put he on the mannequin, so The lace at high collar and yoke is also inset at the sleeves. The waistline is high empire as you can see with the original black satin waistband, bow and long streamers.

There is a bit of black velvet trim at the neck and above the white lacey cuffs. Closes with hooks as most Edwardian gowns.

A lovely piece with a few minor issues. You can barely see any of the issues until you search due to the print. Even when I point them out in the photos, I had to take extreme close-up photos of the issues! You'll need to re-sew the hooks at the back neck as well.

Should take you all of 5 minutes. A lovely display gown or to wear carefully. I love when a fashionable piece so quickly evokes an era! This incredible bodice came from the same estate as quite a few pieces up now. This was SOME wealthy woman! All her pieces look to be of French origin, yet there are NO labels on anything If you go back into the newspapers of the time you will see quite a few arrests for this practice!

So rare to find! Frankly, you think you have gone back in time and bought this new!! Killer gorgeous ruched sleeves, ruffled front and collar, gathered back all of yellow silk crepe! This is all trimmed in a rich brown silk velvet at waist with large bow , neckline and the fantastic shrunken "bolero" and capped shoulder epaulettes!! Since this doesn't have a skirt, you could create one of brown velvet which would tie in beautifully I used to buy the most exquisite bodices, hang on padded hangers and use push pins in my bedroom wall to create a degree wall-to-wall, floor to ceiling museum!

If you want to start a collection, always buy the BEST you can afford in the best condition you can afford Not really wearable size for most modern women. This piece is delightful! And the beading, as you can see, is lovely gold beads with white, pink and light blue faux pearls.

Masterful tailoring, but as with one of the other pieces from this estate, the beading is attached on a white braiding and then sewn on the garment.

So, it's possible the beading was added to the original piece STILL done at some early date, but perhaps added?? I've just not seen this before. Some of the beading is missing, and seems a bit unfinished at the back waist perhaps there was a bow or pin there. But with all the high-end pieces from this estate Even the lining is in Near Mint condition Yup, this is what women wore to play sports: This is quite rare to find with the "sport apparel" label.

It's a 3-piece outfit And the fact that no moths found this outfit for the past 90 years is awesome!! Dress of ivory silk top and gray tweed pleat front skirt. Then comes the matching ivory silk blouson blouse with cufflinks. Then the matching gray tweed jacket. Dress does on over the head, no closures. A perfect museum piece for any "sports" exhibit. Or if you're like me Excellent condition all pieces! Only issue is the inner skirt bottom silk lining that is shattered.

I could remove it and you'd never know it was there, but I will let you decide. There are lots of lovely s beaded dresses still around, but every once in a while I trip across one that sets my heart a flutter. Sadly my photos don't do this justice as I can't seem to capture the exciting actual 3-dimensional design. Yup, the beading is built up in certain areas to create an extra dimension The beauty of that is you can choose whatever color appeals to you and with just a simple tube shaped underdress with ribbon straps simple enough for even the worse seamstress to make you can have a few different underdresses for variety.

I photoshopped the dress to show how it might look with black under, but would look great with red or blue, nude or gold Please check out the design elements in the close-up photos which includes Chinese temples, flowers, and weeping branches. Excellent condition with just a few lavender hued blue beads missing from around the armholes.

As you'll see if you click to see the additional photos The opening was at the scoop neck side rather than the deep "v" neck side!

But if nothing else I am showing theirs as from a historic fashion perspective, it's fascinating! As they wrote in their description.. This is one of those antique pieces that you have to see in person to believe!!! You get LOST in the detail as it's layer upon layer of gorgeousness. It stars with an ecru Battenburg coat with slightly bell sleeves with matching ecru velvet cloud-shape outlined inserts here and there and a few grape clusters.

That alone is gorgeous enough, however, under that is a thin layer of pleated chiffon at front and under that, another flat layer of chiffon. Under THAT, or actually the lining, is an ecru and pink patterned silk of wheat sheaths design.

The incredible beauty here is that the opposite side of the lining shows as pink and white through the sheer chiffon!!! And this shows though as a muted patterned pink through the Battenburg lace!! Seen especially at the cuffs. The inside is all trimmed in a daisy embroidered edge. I could spend hours just looking at this piece! There are a few leg breaks in the Battenburg lace easy fix for a seamstress. Inside, there are some tears in the chiffon pleating, but not terrible.

I'd love to see this go to a museum, or to someone who will stabilize the lining to keep this coat from being destroyed. It's just too fabulous to lose!!

If perfect, this is worth SO much more! Also Listed in the Museum Section. You've gotta read the history of Philip Mangone who designed this coat!

Philip Mangone was born into a family of Italian tailors. His father immigrated into the United States and trained Philip at home, doing piecework that was commonly done by people in their homes. As a teenager Philip went to work in alterations at B. He then worked for a variety of New York firms, in clothing construction and design. Mangone opened his business, Mangone Models, in By the s his coats and suits were being sold in over stores nationwide and were quite expensive.

He was considered one of America's premier suit and coat designers until his death in Here's the wild part: Mangone traveled often to Europe to buy fabrics and to view the Paris collections. In , upon his return to the U. Apparently he bought a jeweled mesh bag in Paris that he had not declared at customs. His biggest travel adventure happened in when he returned from Europe on the Zeppelin Hindenburg. He was badly burned when the Zeppelin crashed and spent most of the next year recovering in hospitals.

The first thing he did when released was to take a flight to Chicago, to prove to himself that he was still not afraid to fly. So this is one of his early pieces from the s. Black rayon crepe with rows of silver and magenta glass bugle beads that accent the collar and sleeves and form a decorative diagonal line from front to back. The sleeves are accented with a deep band of cut-out latticework.

Excellent condition with only a few beads missing Shown on a size 6 mannequin, and it's way big on her! Also Listed in the Furs, etc. Perhaps worn for graduation see the other graduation dresses etching from Or a for a portrait painting? Obviously owned by some young very wealthy girl you know I can just see her with the large satin ribbons on her hair and high button shoes!

But as you probably already know, Irish Crochet lace garments were not cheap, so she would have been one lucky gal! As it's Irish Crochet, it will give a bit. There are extremely minor leg breaks only a few - I show one so you can see how minor my even mentioning it! Just add a slip Another pretty and different Gibson Girl era white lawn dress! This one has a surprising almost sexy "off the shoulder" look with the wide boat neck off the very high, very lacy neck.

The detailing of the embroidery, Val lace and drawnwork is of a beautiful design throughout. I show it with and without a pink sash but it doesn't come with it.. You can just buy a simple colored ribbon to tie in front or back. Shown over a petticoat that doesn't some with it either. Too short anyway, but shows you if you use a nude or colored slip that you will see the detailing of the lace more! Here's another piece that will look purple in certain lights and blue in other lights, so I won't even bother to call it one or the other.

I love the design Always been one of my favorite looks in suits!!! Both the jacket and the skirt are riddled with small moth holes. You will see them here and there, and as you can see, there is just a bit of fading on one sleeve - though it's worse in the photo than in person. Oh, and one of the buttons has lost the faille, so will need to be recovered.

Lined in ivory silk. OK, I call this purple, and it is In other lights you will think I'm crazy and it will look blue! SO before you call me nuts, take the dress into various lights and I will be vindicated! Whatever the color, it's great. Check out the close up photos to see the detail of the tiny hanging balls from the double hanging sash lined in a pink silk to match the very thin pink trim at the neck and sleeves. The major trim is blue lace in assymetrical design.

Ecru lace completes the look. No wide shoulders for this gown. Lined in cotton so it's in great shape inside and out. At first glance, this dress is killer, but sadly it has some issues.

There are beads missing there are thousands more still there! The double layered chiffon skirt top layer being hanging scarves has some spots and tiny holes and some discoloration. There is underarm discoloration as well, and one tiny hole at upper back middle. This dress can be worn, and none of the problems are overly distracting, but that's why it's priced accordingly.

Still you gotta love it!! These white cotton or linen dresses of the Edwardian era were called lawn dresses, or lingerie dresses, or "whites" Usually pink or light blue were the most popular, but you can make a statement with black, nude or just about any other color under you would like!

This dress is one of those easily wearable ones Tiny crochet buttons up the back. Excellent condition with just a slight "messiness" at back waist see photo. I've been holding on to this gown for years now I'm told it's a warp silk print.. Fantastic floral silk fabric. Spring green silk ribbons and bows.

Sweet short puffy sleeves. Train every fancy gown should have one in my book! The original "apron" belt with rosette bow at front, large bow at back and inside lining pocket!

Shown on my size 2 mannequin and fits her. I can get measurements, but really this is one that belongs on display and not worn. It's in very wearable condition, I just prefer you don't "hurt" her! She is years old after all Up to 12 month layaway available. Only those who have seen the movie will appreciate this!!

If you want to dress in the original vintage era dress, I have this beauty for you!!!! It could use a soaking to brighten it up to white, but it's in damn good condition otherwise. I see two small spots, one upper bust, and one on shoulder. Lovely cutwork design all over front and back. Second layer skirt like tunic and empire waistline dates this to Closes at the back with tiny crochet buttons see photo.

Those buttons could also use a good soaking But if you're gonna be THAT picky, you probably shouldn't be looking at something years old!

Imagine how YOU are gonna look at that age!!!! The pink ribbon sash was just added by me doesn't come with it Otherwise if you are taller, you can always wear a longer slip under to match! Because this is linen, it will hold up easily for another years!!!!! I usually don't sell children's clothes, but I just have to go for it!

I bought this with not a second of hesitation! Probably from the WWI era, but I don't know for sure the exact dating Gotta love the embroidered red anchor on the one sleeve. The shorts have buttonholes inside the waistband. The matching belt comes off, so nice to know it survived with the rest of the suit! It's a bit large for this boy mannequin, so hard for me to judge the age or size of little boys clothing, so please just go with the measurements.

Yes, it DOES look like a vintage circa s dress, and it fooled me at first look. However, after checking it out in person, I'd say it's a homemade dress from possibly the s or 50s due to the side metal zipper , possibly made as a s costume. So it's a vintage dress either way! But I'm including in this section of my website as it has that 20s look you might be seeking for an affordable price. The velvet is very soft and bright! Wide shoulder straps are great for those of you, like me, want to wear a bra under.

The skirt of this dress drapes up to a large hip swag. Lined in a silky red nylon material. Here's your fashion history lesson for the day An "Eton Jacket" is: I don't know what the wide lapels have to do with it So this is a modified Eton Jacket.. Or just call it a bolero jacket if you prefer. Black silk taffeta with puffed sleeves.

Simple and basic wardrobe piece, however this one happens to be a bit more exciting due to the Oriental themed figural ecru brocade trim down the open front. You'll have to look at all the photos to see the details. Wearable size of up to 35" bust shown on a 35" bust mannequin and 14" long from shoulder to hem. Lined in off-white silk. At first glance and feel, it's in Excellent condition inside and out. However, if you look closely, you will see that the hemline of the bolero is worn, and one slit tearing at the seam on one shoulder.

There are no closures duh making this an Eton. Such a pretty little thing! The front is all white lace with the pink silk almost like a robe over! And if you are like me, you are thrilled when you find items that aren't the typical That was makes vintage so exciting So what do ya think of this one?? It's small though Measures: Now it's time for you to look at all the other photos The only issue with this dress is that there is some minor shattering to the taffeta waistband.

So, all you small gals Due to the length, it was likely a dress for a younger woman or teenager. But if you like it, just wear with high button shoes or boots and make the short length work for you! I found this for those of you who always wonder why I don't have items for those of you who aren't a size I just can't win!!!!!

So I just have to go about my business and hope that the right person finds the perfect dress at the correct time. If you loo at the additional photos you will see that there is a long underdress with 2-tiered beading at the bottom.

And then a short fully beaded overdress which if you find another short slip you can wear as a short dress!!!! The underslip has a side inset that is a different color I don't know why , but it's unseen under the dress. I have to call it both blouse and bodice as it depends on what you decide to pair with it.

You can modernize the look with modern separates, or wear it with a long skirt for the correct Turn of the Century look. This blouse is in Near Mint condition and in a wearable size! Hooks up the back. The measurements are large, but you probably don't want to be that size, as it's best not to stress antique pieces I wish you could have been standing next to me when I was trying to figure out exactly how to wear this piece!!

It's designed like a 's mantle which was a "retro" design in the 's! And then to make it harder, the interior is so beautiful, that it was hard to believe it wouldn't be seen when worn, so I kept trying to figure out how to wear it with the gold braid and smocking at neckline showing. Unique to say the least!!

Black silk chiffon is draped from the "nehru" collar and there is a slit for your arms to go through as you see. The hipline follows a typical s piece and you just gotta love the black velvet trim which just "pops" under the sheer chiffon. There is no closure currently at the neckline, so I just added a rhinestone pin that doesn't come with it.

The only issue to mention as I'm very picky as you probably already know , it that the velvet neck seems a bit unfinished or something. Just seems like perhaps a replacement as it's more like black velvet ribbon that was formed into a collar Will fit just about anyone small-medium.

Also called "Kapo Kantsink or Neversink Garments"! I have been holding on to this for 12 years now Original came to me from a Maritime Collection estate sale. In researching, I found this original advertisement showing the exact time I have from a publication. This gray pinstripe cotton canvas? You have to understand The material is used all the way around no satin back with back adjustable belt buckle and buttons down the front..

It's filled with vertical channels of "kapok", a specially treated vegetable fibre that can't puncture! Excellent condition with just the tiniest issues. This is a wearable men's size Also Listed in the 's Section. I can't believe the condition of this gown! I doubt it was ever worn, and then it was stored in some amazing place that didn't allow for anything to harm it.

You'd swear you went back in time to , except for one missing carved abalone button damn that one button! The gown is 2-pieces. The bodice is trimmed in ivory lace at the neckline and cuffs. The skirt is shown over a bustle doesn't come with it and has nice bustle draping and silk floss fringe.

The hemline is fully pleated and has a "kilting" of magenta pleated satin peeking out from under the black satin - which, according to the expert - proclaims that this gown could not, under any circumstances, be worn for mourning. Actually this expert called this an "at home" gown or as we might know it today, a "hostess gown".

Though I'm not sure why it has that designation, nor why she would have such an expensive gown for "at home"! Unless she was SO damn wealthy that she bought her wardrobe from Pingat and Worth and Doucet and just had so many gowns that she didn't have a chance to wear them all!! And even her "simplest" gowns were Parisian masterpieces! Now for the other incredible information about this gown.

It's an Extremely Large Size by Victorian or any other standards! Measures an astonishing 45" bust, 37" waist, 42" long from waist to hem, 66" long from waist to back of train. I found this elegant ecru silk satin Edwardian wedding gown with terrific handmade lace yoke and neck, dramatic fringed lace panels at bustline, and silk fringe all over the edges of the gown front and back! So for those of you who love Armani, you will love the gown alone.

However, for those of you like me who can't resist a little "Bob Mackie flash" I pinned on a silver beaded ornamental piece with beaded fringe! This piece just looks so great on this gown, I just had to offer it with the gown. So let's start with just the gown. Please look at the close-up photos to see the detailing! It's subtle, but great! The gown is in Excellent condition on the exterior! The only thing I could find wrong was a small water stain on the hemline.

However, just like most Edwardian gowns, the lining is shredding and will need to be replaced if you want to wear. Though it would take a pretty small gal to wear! This coat comes directly from the descendants of the woman in the photo There are only a few issues to speak of The silk lining is in great condition see photos , but the extremely delicate pleating chiffon trim which hardly ever survives!

This kept it from getting worse, but it's not something I'd recommend! Anyway, I'm leaving as I found it. You can remove the chiffon and no one would know anything was wrong, but I'd rather leave as much fashion history as possible. Though as you can see, she wore it open! Until the 20th Century, ermine was reserved for royalty in Western Europe seen on the coronation robes of royal and noble persons.

It symbolized purity, valor, justice and dignity. After that, only the most wealthy could afford something this luxurious!! This coat comes with the original photo of Willie Mae wearing the coat, and a typed 7-page family diary from which describes the constant trips to Europe and Paris I'm attributing the coat as a Parisian Designer Coat as it's nearly an absolute match to the Parisian jacket I have listed below!

And I know this family bought most of their clothing from Paris. Also Listed in the Museum and Furs, etc. Love the label inside this dress! It's a bit light to see, but it's large and reads, "Yvonne, Paris, Handmade in France".

Now Parisian labeled garments are always great, but especially the s dresses because they were usually beaded onto cotton netting which is so strong it survives in like new condition over 80 years! This Parisian dress is in Near Mint condition! Great deco all over design of gold bugle beads on gold cotton net and an inner cotton netting to help keep the stress off the exterior. The gold lame satin bow at the side is original I just love that old lame!

No closures, just goes on over the head. Every well-dressed Victorian woman owned at least one fancy velvet dolman or mantle Many were lavish and highly decorated and this is no exception. Some of the photos you will see were lightened to see detail of black velvet, but it's the beauty of the flocked faconne velvet in a highly stylized leaf motif that is so special.. Trimmed in black ostrich feathers, lined in black satin.

Excellent condition with perhaps some feather loss. Tiny seam tears of lining at collar see photos. I have owned this gown for nearly 20 years! But it's time for "her" to be seen by others and enjoyed by a new Mom or Dad. Lovely sheer lace high neck and yoke. Double balloon chiffon sleeves over silk. Lovely ecru lace detailing "v" design and at cuffs. The light green silk print is unique with stripes and bubbles! With Original Trained Black Slip!

I have a passion for anything purple and black! I have a jacket in my personal closet from the s that will forever be my favorite piece of wearable clothing This 2-piece or 3-piece if you include the original black trained half slip that comes with it. The slip is in very good condition trained gown was probably a visiting gown. And even better, it's in a modern day woman's size!

The bodice has a black chiffon overlay that is the only area with tiny issues. Also you'll see that one of the loopy black velvet ornaments is missing you can see where it went, just to the left of the other one - so probably easy enough to make a new one. There might have been little black velvet bows on the ribbons above, or little jet button ornaments. And there may be a few legs breaks in that one section of lace - over the pink velvet see close-up photo.

Even the high neck on this piece is a good size of That alone is rare sizing! A pleasure to offer this gown for sale. However, according to the dictionary Just call it gorgeous! Large jet black bead medallions adorn the cuffs, and drip down the front of this piece. Beaded fringe hang off the cuffs and collar. This is NOT a piece to wear if you want to wave hello, hail a cab or hold onto your hat. You get extreme limited movement of the arms in this dolmans as they are cut with batwing sleeves.

Fully lined in ruby red silk satin!! Excellent condition with just some beads missing which you'll never find Wearable size for today's size Small woman - the backs of these are usually too narrow for humans today.. If you know my website, you know I really only like to sell items that are in great condition. However, then every once in a while I find something that is just so damn spectacular that my resolve melts and I figure there are people out there who CAN sew who would love a gown this special.

The gown is a black silk taffeta lining with overlay of black netting, and that netting is teeming with thousands of purple sequins and spangles all over the dress. So what's the problem??? Much of the sequins and spangles are still there, but the black netting needs to be sewn back onto the black taffeta lining OR you need to replace the black taffeta skirt lining with a newer stronger taffeta and then deal with the black netting with the sequins.

I've tried to show you the large piece of netting that needs to be sewn back around the bottom of the skirt. Also some of the netting at the front of the skirt needs tacking back, and a few of the sequins are missing at the front skirt not a huge amount, but the vertical design from the waist to the top of the sequined skirt is different on the right from the left see photos. In addition, the underarms will need replacing with newer fabric if you want to wear this The gown probably had a velvet belt originally so a black velvet band would look nice.

Priced to be a final sale item. Would need just some taffeta stabilization and netting tacking to be displayed. Would need an overhaul to be worn. They are in great condition although missing a button on each boot. Love the scalloped top of these boots that match the scalloped buttonhole tabs. In great condition, thought they were worn. Also listed in the Hats, and Wedding sections. New to the vintage market from storage in Wilton, CT. So these people never skimped! This simple s wrap coat is all about the fantastic color of a bright electric blue velvet.

The details are in the ruched sleeves and the large collar to wear up or down. There are NO closures on this coat.. Fully lined in an off-white silk. Excellent condition with just a slight wear at the very edges of the velvet. There is lots of crushing of the velvet which may or may not be original, but it's attractive as it is.

And I wouldn't say that if it wasn't so! Only my repeat customers know that This coat can really fit anyone This would be a great coat to dress up with huge ornamental closure! I adore this era and the shape of this gown. Sadly it's got problems. Mostly in that there are holes and repairs in the fabric..

There is also one hole in the right sleeve see photo. The black silk decorative trim is worn and the three large jet bead ornaments have oxidized thread.

If you can sew, you can do a lot to make this better. Cover the black silk trim with black lace or velvet. Cover the issues at the bodice with lace or more velvet panels. I can see all the possibilities I just can't sew. Love the cut velvet skirt with the bows at the crenellated hemline. Love the cut velvet on the bow cuffs. Love the faux "cat eye" type matching buttons one is missing at the top which is usually where women would wear a pin, so it's not too surprising.

There are very slight darkening of the underarms see photos , but otherwise it's in pretty great condition The back panel of the skirt is missing. There would be a matching ruby likely faille panel or bustle.

If you can find matching material If not, perhaps someone who is a master dyer can help. Once the back is covered Click on the photo to see the height of this piece compared to my normal 5'5" mannequins!

The missing panel is at minimum 22" x 15". Y ou just gotta love Edwardian lawn dresses. They are all so beautiful This one is a wearable size with terrific embroidery white on white. There are a few issues to discuss though There is a barely seen discoloration at the upper right bodice, and a yellow spot at the hemline at the side. The only real issues you will have to deal with are small holes one slightly larger in the back of the skirt see photos and small hole in one sleeve.

I might if I could sew shorten the sleeves to a pretty mid length see my sample photo. Oh, you will also want to replace the dead elastic in the wrists. This is one of those gowns that you can wear for all it's simplicity or you can use it as a base and add rhinestone trim, add a belt with rhinestone buckle, add 20s silk flowers, etc, etc.

It's a lovely shape which will hug your hips, full skirt, low back. Would look great as a gown for a shorter woman, or will look equally great as a ankle length gown. There are just minor satin bruises and a very very slight darkening at the upper back you won't see it at all under most lights.

There is one small net tear at the hem will need only a few stitches, but I can't sew, so Absolutely exquisite gown with matching and original underblouse which converts this from a ballgown to a fancy afternoon gown!!

Quite unique in the Irish crochet lace teeming with butterfly appliques all over. Also unique is the hemline and back "train" which is a matching fishnet trimmed in what feels like a gathered raffia. Light aqua velvet with bow at low square neckline. Taffeta with bows at the cuffs.

The lace is in great condition, but the fishnet has some legbreaks holes and the attached golden maize taffeta lining has tears at the underarms see photo , otherwise it's pretty surprisingly good usually these taffeta linings are in shreds.

The other thing to mention is the label. Obviously a wonderful Parisian label on a fashionable street! Carlier was considered a world-renowned milliner "on par with the likes of Worth for gowns". Carlier's were t he only Parisian hats displayed at Chicago's World's Fair in Carlier is about her hats Also, I have found an old article which mentions that Mme. Carlier moved from Avenue l'Opera to Rue de la Paix in , so this would have to be prior to with this label.

If, however, someone moved the label god I hate people who do that!!! Don't fall in love until you see the issues. I believe the lace is all handmade! The underskirt pleated ruffle is intact often these are shredded , the brocade in the front of the skirt is excellent condition, pretty crochet buttons up front, "v" neckline is lovely as are the puffed sleeves with the lace trim, interior great condition with some stains that don't go through , underarms are perfect The good AND the bad is the size - because it won't fit you, but will be great for display.

Confections like this make my teeth ache! So frilly and girly. May have been a graduation gown as they were one step below wedding gowns in fanciness. This one is a very very pale blush pink.. Some areas might have faded a bit more than others, but it's really nearly impossible to tell.

This dress was sent to me with the original pink silk slip.. LOVE the asymmetrical bodice low neckline which leads down the skirt also asymmetrically. Tiny embroidery on the muslin.

Rows of lace all over. Battenberg lace at yoke. If you wanted to, you could dye this dress a darker pink, or it will look more pink with a pink slip under. Quite tiny size, so great for display or collection. Excellent condition with tiny, insignificant, easy to fix lace breaks. There is a small tear at the 3 snap closure on one glove. Worn most likely with the shoes below.. They aren't made of the classic silk changeable color fabric, but depending on the lighting, they will seem to be anything from a light blush pink to a pinkish hued ivory.

They were from the same estate and were probably worn with as the dress above or at: They were definitely worn. You will see soiling dirt and scuff marks and a missing button on one shoe strap. Love the pretty little bows at front and the Louis XL heel.

How DID they stand up without wobbling over?? Also listed in various other sections. Looking for an affordable s flapper dress for that Gatsby or Downton Abbey party?? This one is quite wearable and easier than the heavy beaded dresses. It's a sheer navy silk chiffon with blue and black beading throughout and open bell sleeves, low waistline, slight blouson shape, low attached black slip under that will show off your bustline.

The dress isn't perfect see photos The worse are the small wear "holes" at the upper left back. Now if this was mine, I would just wear some black silk flowers over that shoulder! Or a feather boa. Fairly easy to hide. The last three photos show very very minor issues This dress has a slight old odor. You will have to get quite close to smell anything, but it's there I have a sensitive nose! From the Wadsworth Athneneum's Costume and Textile collection The name of this type of metallic thread embroidery is call Ottoman, based on the ethnic designs of the Ottoman empire.

The ivory wool is felted and the design of the gold threading sewn on is classic and exquisite. This short capelet shape was used in the 's to go over the huge balloon sleeves of the era. Excellent condition with a few minor tiny tiny age spots and even tinier moth nips that are barely seen. There is a bit of wear on the interior lining collar only see photo. Closes with a gold woven ball and loop loop is missing.

A lthough there are no tags, I am quite sure that this would have originally had the "Made in France" small tag attached as most all of these extraordinary beaded and sequin flapper dresses on cotton netting were made in France though I have seen a few as "Made in Belgium". Also, this came direct from the estate of a woman who lived in Europe, so Family recollection is that "Grandma wore this at Mom's wedding in ". Would have been one fancy wedding!!!! These are ALL gold sequins in various sizes, configurations, direction and slight opaqueness.

These cotton net dresses are very strong, so you can easily wear with confidence. The only thing wrong you will find is one small velvet crush and the waistband isn't finished at the very end I believe originally it was just the mini-beaded trim all over and just the ruby velvet down the front.

I'm sure this was added quite a long time ago.. Frankly, you think you have gone back in time this is in such remarkable condition! This doesn't have a skirt, so best to use as a display piece what I used to do! I have a thing for butterflies. I know others do as well. This one came off a 's dress that was in shreds Would look great on any ecru satin or silk plain s dress Or just enjoy as a piece of art in a shadow box.

Showing the size next to a dime. And if you click on the photo, you will see how large it would be on a dress at the shoulder or waist. Excellent condition with one antenna missing. Labeled in hard-to-read woven gold: Jeanne Lanvin, 22, Rue du Faubourg, Paris. Jeanne Lanvin started her own line in , so this could be one of the earliest known pieces! Due to the surprising short bolero shaped jacket, I'm having a bit of trouble dating it specifically to year.

Purchased at an estate sale from a wealthy New Jersey estate. An obviously fashion forward, very tailored Parisian Couture skirt suit in black cotton velvet. The bodice jacket has a lovely rope frog closure and black silk, nicely shaped collar.

The sleeves are long and each ornamented with 7 working velvet buttons. The back waistline of the jacket has embedded elastic and ornamental tabs with buttons on either side. The skirt is ornamented with 37 or 38 working velvet covered buttons down each side of the lower skirt. The hemline is surrounded with a box pleated "ruffle".


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