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Sometimes I cut off the stitched ends of the sleeves, to further rough it up. I don't slice the sides or the back of the tees since that's beyond my skill level and a bit complex. I am a master at revamping the collar and neck. I don't measure. I don't use Sharpies to mark lines on .
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Men’s Slim Fit T-shirts Slim fit T-shirts make your upper body look its absolute best—with or without the gym. The slim fit not only flatters, the breathability and slight stretch make it incredibly comfortable to wear under another shirt or on its own.

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There are lots of ways to upgrade your shirt, from cutting off hems and sleeves, to cutting intricate designs into the back. Een T shirt veranderen. Fold the back of a baggy T-shirt in half lengthwise. Fold the shirt in half lengthwise so that the back is on the outside and the front of the shirt is on the inside.

Next, pull the front of the shirt out of the sandwich. This way, you won't accidentally cut through the front when cutting the back. Decide what shape you want the slashes to create on the back of your shirt. Slash-back t-shirts have horizontal slashes in the back.

These slashes are cut at different lengths to create a simple shape, such as a heart or an upside-down triangle.

Draw half of your desired shape along the folded edge. Divide your desired shape in half lengthwise, then draw it along the folded edge of the shirt. The shape can be whatever size you want it to be, but larger shapes look better in this style. Keep the width of the shape in mind. The wider it is, the more revealing it will be. Use a tailor's chalk on dark fabrics and a tailor's pen on light fabrics. If you can't find these, use regular chalk instead. Cut slits into the folded edge, stopping at the lines that you drew.

Use fabric scissors to cut the slits. Space the slits finger-width apart. Begin cutting them at the folded edge of the shirt, and finish cutting at the lines that make up your half shape.

Make sure that you are only cutting through the back of the shirt. The front of the shirt must be pulled out of the way. You should now have a full heart or upside-down triangle filled with horizontal slashes! Don't worry if the edges of the slashes look uneven. You will fix that next. Tug on the strips of fabric making up the slashes. This will cause the edges to curl inside the shirt and make any unevenness less visible.

It will also help make the strips thinner! Be gentle when tugging, however; you don't want to accidentally rip the fabric. This makes them more even. Cut the neck, collar, and hem off, if desired. You can cut the sleeves off all the way, including the seams, or you can cut them off at the hems. You can also cut the bottom hem off as well as around the collar for a more rugged look. Be sure to pull on the cut edges to curl the fabric inwards when you are done!

Wash the shirt by hand or in a washer. This will get rid any chalk or pen marks that you used to create your shape. Check the tag on your shirt to find out what temperature and cycle setting to use. You can also wash the shirt by hand, then hang it up to dry. This is great if you don't have anything else to wash. Spread your shirt on a flat surface with the back facing you. These types of shirts have a simple silhouette in the back that is made out of smaller slashes.

They work the best on baggy T-shirts. Draw a simple shape to create your outer frame. Choose a simple silhouette, such as a heart, star, circle, or skull. Draw the design onto the back of your shirt. It can be as large as you want it to be. Use a tailor's chalk for dark fabrics, and a tailor's pen for light fabrics. Keep about a finger width between each line.

You want these lines to be washable. Draw a second identical shape inside your first shape. How much smaller you make the shape depends on how long you want the slits to be. About 2 inches 5. This will create your inner frame. Connect the shapes with lines. Use your chalk or pen to draw lines from the smaller shape to the larger shape. You can make the lines straight or curved. You can make them evenly spaced, or you can vary the spaces by making some closer together than others. If you are varying the spaces between the lines, create a pattern.

You can make the lines point in different directions, but don't let them cross each other. Skip this step if you are doing the collar. Cut out the lines that are connecting the 2 shapes. Pinch the fabric across 1 of the lines that you drew. Use sharp fabric scissors to cut a small slit, then flatten the fabric. Finish cutting along the line, from your inner to outer frame. Do not cut through the frames themselves.

Make sure that you are only cutting through the fabric in the front of the shirt. Widen the slits into ovals or leaf shapes, if desired. Go back through your lines, and cut the edges to make them more rounded, like ovals or leaves. Make sure that you leave some fabric between each "leaf.

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